Valet parking operations made easy.

Try it for yourself:

Easily manage vehicle flow.

Quickly check in arriving vehicles, capture the tracking data you need or create a ticket with as much detail as needed. See all waiting vehicle requests, including wait time and delivery location. Deliver important information directly to the valets, no matter where they are.

Visually manage vehicle inventory

With the Valet App, you have the ability to quickly assign tickets to available valets, check important metrics, monitor various efficiency & status indicators...& much more! Keep tabs on your vehicle inventory with a visual inventory grid & customizable filter views.

Manage POS & accept credit card payments

Process credit card payments directly within the app.

Capture Vehicle Photos

You can easily document existing damage for any incoming vehicle by taking a photo with the built in camera functionality. All tickets automatically require attendants to capture vehicle photos, which are then nested into the ticket info within the App.



    Powerful Rate Engine

    • Automatic calculation of length of stay and fee due.
    • Variable Guest Types, Flat Rates, Early Bird Rates, Day of Week Rates and Variable tax calculations.

    Validation Controls

    • Remove cashier discretion by generating encrypted bar coded validations from within the application.
    • Code validations to specific departments or customers, as well as set expiration dates.
    • Electronic validation options.

    Mobile Interface

    • Mobile pay options remove cash from the hands of employees.
    • Interfaces to Hotel and Casino Management Systems automate the posting of parking charges, increase posting accuracy and reduce opportunity for theft.

    Audit Tools

    • Detailed transactional and revenue reporting.
    • System flags to prevent automated processing of non-paid vehicles.


    HD Imaging

    • 8 Megapixel iPhone Cameras.
    • Still Shot.
    • Existing damage on Vehicles & Side by Side View.

    Staff Accountability

    • No more opportunity for employees to damage vehicles and hide by throwing away the ticket.

    Lower Fraud Claims

    • Informing patrons of the existence of cameras discourages fraudulent claim seekers.



    • Do more with less by measuring:Employee Efficiency Customer Wait Time.

    Lost Ticket Situations

    • Recording data about each vehicle helps quickly resolve lost claim check situations:Name, License Plate, Make Model Color, Picture of the vehicle.

    Automated Data Entry

    • Speed data entry using:VIN scanning, License Plate Recognition, Online Reservations and Player Card swipe.
    • Recall the data of license plate from database and also we take picture of the car.

    Objective Standards

    • Use objective data to:Reward high performers Identify and discipline laggards.

    Lost Key Situations

    • Use system monitors and automated alerts to warn users of non-secured keys.
    • Notification of event.
    • Tools to recover.
  • Customer Happiness


    Avoid Lost Keys

    • By avoiding losing customers’ keys, you can avoid creating unhappy customers.

    Damage Claims

    • Reduction in unhappy customers due to denied damage claims.
    • Objective photos are more convincing than manual sketches.
    • Objective photos also remove emotion from the situation.

    Measure Service

    • Objective data capture allows you to accurately measure:Parking and Retrieval volumes.Customer wait time, by customer or rate type.

    Customer Service

    • Data capture and reporting tools allow supervisory and management staff to spend more time managing and less time shuffling paper.
  • Cloud Based

    Keep data safe & accessible.

    With our cloud based servers, you’ll never have to worry about lost tickets or data. Everything is kept safe, secure & quickly accessible anywhere. By offering you a cloud based valet parking SaaS solution, we’ve cut out the traditional high costs of typical parking software options.

  • Scan Enabled

    Quickly import required data.

    Use our built in camera based scanner to scan barcode data. Or, use an optional Linea Pro hardware add-on to scan tickets, employee badges, VIN numbers, player cards, room keys, reservations, parking spaces & more.

  • Voice Enabled

    Enter data using speech to text.

    No time to type? No problem. All of our input fields & notes conveniently allow you to speak the data required, using your built in microphone. The words or numbers you speak are immediately converted to text & placed into the input field you had designated.

  • Staff Profiles

    Create profiles for each valet.

    Stay organized & effective by knowing who’s on staff, who’s available & track each valet’s arrival & retrieval history. With valet profiles, you’ll now be able to delegate or assign specific requests to specific staff.

  • Multiple Locations

    Manage larger operations.

    Many valet operators have multiple locations, whether within a larger facility or spread across distinct locations. With the valet app you can easily manage any number of locations. You can choose to limit this view to the manager designated login or open to all staff.

  • Locate Vehicles

    Easily track vehicle location.

    Whether you’re scanning or entering a ticket to locate the vehicle, or, you simply want to look at our visual photo grid to view each vehicle in your inventory - we make the process of locating vehicles as easy as you need it to be.

  • Powerful Search

    Easily find any tracked data.

    Sometimes it’s easiest to simply search for what you’re looking for. With our powerful search capabilities, nothing gets lost. Select the search input field from the quick menu options & find anything you’ve previously entered into the app.

  • Text Car Retrieval

    Guests can text for a retrieval.

    There’s no need for your guests to download the Valet App in order to request their vehicle. They can simply text their ticket number to the number we provide & initiate a request.

  • View Wait Time

    Keep track of delays & delivery.

    See all waiting vehicle requests, including wait time and delivery location so that you can better manage your valet operations & efficiency. You can also choose to record & view delivery times related to any specific valet.

  • Assign Valet

    Delegate a retrieval to any staff.

    We’ve made it so you can choose to make the app as detail specific or as general as you need. If you’d like to assign specific valet to a retrieval request, you can opt to manage your resources in a controlled manner. Or, you may want to just send a retrieval out to any available valet.

  • Delivery Location

    Choose any location for delivery.

    Sometimes a guest may be visiting one of your larger operations & although they arrived at one location, they may require their car at an entirely different spot. We’ve equipped the app to handle just that kind of scenario. Quickly designate a delivery to go to any of your locations.

  • Email Receipts

    Instantly email guest receipts.

    We’ve enabled the app to instantly email the guest their receipt, helping you go paperless.Using Bluetooth printer you are able to print receipts.

  • Easy Setup

    Get up & running in no time.

    We understand that your time is important & your time is, we’ve made an effort to streamline the setup process to make it as seamless, effortless & quick as possible. Getting started will take you no more than 1-2 minutes at the most, then you’ll be ready for business.

  • Frequent Updates

    We actively improve features.

    We strive to provide you with frequent & relevant updates, making sure you have the features & tools that are the most important to you & having the most up to date technology at your finger tips.

  • Great Support

    Client happiness is number one.

    One thing we’ve learned over the years is you can’t put a price tag on client happiness. We take customer service seriously - it benefits us both! We make a concerted effort to make sure that if you remember nothing else about us, you’ll at least remember outstanding support & service!

Yep, we invented the high-tech valet parking industry.

With over 70 years of combined industry experience, we’ve partnered with some of the largest parking operators worldwide. Now we’re bringing that technology you.



The Shaman

Born in Germany, made in Detroit, revived in San Francisco. Aspiring aeronautical engineer turned 80′s-current entrepreneur via valet parking science, back-alleys and bullets. First to market for 30 years and that’s just the warm up round. Created industries where people thought were none. Exponential technology freak, burner, jobs/branson/musk wanna-bee (but then again who isn’t), racing, yoga, surfing, making great wine and most important, drinking large quantities of it. Married my beautiful and awesome partner (I know what you’re thinking but she is a girl) 8 days after we met and have 3 of the most beautiful children to show for. Favorite line: ‘ When would right now be a good time?’



Brain Surgeon

The Rainmaker. Surprisingly good salsa dancer with 25 years in valet parking, where salsa skiils are underappreciated. Fond of Irish whiskey and good red wine, but not together. Talks a lot (see Irish whiskey), but also listens really well. Dad, Skiier, scuba diver, reader and burner. Looks a bit like Ed Norton, and is not actually qualified to do brain surgery.



The Queen

“Hang tight…a bio is on it’s way Reach out & say hi if you’d like to learn more about us!”



The Pediatrician

Hailing from a city in Illinois that you have never heard of. Kurt is a self taught pediatrician that is so good he does not need to carry malpractice insurance (no seriously you should see his drawer of band aids). Enjoys fishing, camping and anything that drives fast. Doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up.




Born, live and work from Paradise (Costa Rica). Love the beach and mountain bike. Never surrender, each day is an opportunity to succeed.




Curtis was born way after the time he should have been, he’s a cowboy born in the technology era (his word and honor mean more to him then anything). When he wasn’t riding 2000lb bulls both as an amateur and professional, he found he loved electronics. Gained his electronics knowledge from the Navy and worked 10 years in a place that he can’t talk about fixing “Things”. Had a great opportunity to run the famous “Fountains of Bellagio”. Unfortunately, being in an office just didn’t suite his love for roaming (the range?). Loves going from place to place and getting issues resolved. Carves knowledge and figuring out how things work and fixing them or making them work one way or another. First and foremost, he’s a Dad and husband, golfs, reads when he can (tech and fantasy), can’t wait to find a fishing hole, loves to play sports, running (when his body stops breaking), tinkers in programing, and electronics. One day, he’ll make that cattle-drive if it kills him!




Emily graduated From Wesley College with a bachelor’s of science degree. After college she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do, so she went and worked at a Bank as a customer service representative. She loves the ocean and aquatic life and would love to be able to breathe under water. Her Favorite vacation spots are Cape Cod, MA, anywhere warm and France. Emily is also a foodie and loves trying all sorts of food.



The Writer

Federico grew up and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From time to time, Federico plays golf in his local club. When it comes to films, Federico enjoys watching movies like The Matrix and Fantasy movies in general. Federico is also an avid reader, usually reading essays about history, religion, philosophy, science and from time to time some Fictions to take a break From the more complex readings.




Born and raised in the “City of Fountains,” the “Heart of America,” “Paris of the Plains,”…aka Kansas City, MO (Ya, we know only the people that live there know about these monikers). Jessica’s parents once told her that she would never get paid for shopping or socializing– so she set out to prove them wrong and does just that. Lover of (in no certain order) – Fashion, The Kansas Jayhawks, Reality TV, Diet Pepsi, Royals Baseball, Cabernet and Spending time with her family.




Coming from city of Coimbatore in India, used to be a pleasant city with cold waves not anymore. Working in .net(changing every minute), likes to learn new technologies, very enthusiastic and team player. Hobbies would love to travel around the world and watch all kinds of games (Playing would be difficult now).




Kevin’s role is similar to that of an air traffic controller, ensuring that our tech department has a flight plan before heading out to an install, with support and client happiness on board. After a successful lift–off, he’ll keep an eye on making sure there are no crash-landings. If something surfaces on the radar, he’ll intercept and help expedite the appropriate rescue mission to save the day.




Resides from Temple Silk City – Kanchipuram, India. “Mad” on Exploring new places around the world, Photography, Riding Bikes, Gardening, Pet Animals, Hearing-Music (Dancing to the Rhythm sometimes), Googling, Twitter & tweets, can’t leave Cricket in this list

Apart from these, I’m much Passion towards Quality, helping my technical team in Preventing & Finding Bugs, Named “Crashava”- Lol wish to break the rules !!



The Great Dane

Mark Daneshvar has had a love a computers since the age of 5. His beloved Father who was a developer decided to use an old i386 computer as a permanent baby sitter (jokes on him, now I’m a very social-able geek with over 500 friends on Facebook). Mark’s love for all things digital is rivaled by his love of riding his motorcycle. Mark lives in MN and anxiously awaits the cold chill of winter to be over so that he can once again be free with the asphalt. Mark is gifted with a beautiful and loving daughter and awesome dog.



The Jock

Mateo is From Costa Rica, where he still currently resides. He enjoys the Caribbean beaches especially Puerto Viejo. And when the sand gets too hot, Mateo loves to travel and explore other parts of the world. Mateo’s escape From work is through sports. He played soccer, volleyball and beach volleyball in high school and college. When he is not playing, he is usually watching all kinds of sports.



Tinker Bell

Escaped the circus performing life to become a Pajama Warrior. Sarah likes to weave wigs out of Yak hair and make ballet costumes for hairless cats. During her spare time, Sarah can be found dancing the night away with the Senior Citizens of Northern California and hosting mermaid swim lessons for children.



The Platoon

I served in the military for 4years as an infantry man, for the U.S. Army. The division I was with was the 101st Airborne. Battalion was 2nd 327 B Co. First platoon ( No Slack ).

When I got out of the military I went to school to get bachelors degree in computer science – network engineer. I ended up in Washington state going to WSU.

The reason for the move was I received a job offer to work with an automation company. They made the machines that package; McDonalds French fries, Arby’s French fries, StarBuck Coffee etc.

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Standard System Features include:

  • Ticketless Valet
  • Visual Valet data capture process
  • Visual Vehicle Damage documentation
  • VIN scanning for data recall or automatic make/model decoding
  • In app ICData Flow Data Dashboard
  • Flat Rates
  • Variable Rates
  • Variable customer types
  • Manual Discounts & Validations
  • Real time Vehicle Staging Monitor
  • Real time Vehicle Parking Monitor
  • Real time Vehicle Request Monitor
  • Robust reporting engine
  • Property setup wizard
  • In-app Help Files
  • In-app User Feedback submission form
  • Data Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Telephone/Internet Support

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